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“It’s super easy!”


“I had an absolute blast and cannot wait for the next one!”


“It was amazing and I’m really looking forward to making more of these!”

Bubba Gaeddert, Executive Director, Varsity Esports Foundation

“We partnered with Softgiving over other donation platforms due to the amazing support their team provides and the ZERO platform fees.”


“Raising funds on Softgiving was as easy as it gets. The dashboard made things super accessible and I was really pleased with the giveaway feature.”


“I can’t emphasize enough how awesome Softgiving was for making the event page on such short notice.”


“Softgiving was both easy and fun to use. The charity stream went a lot better than I expected. I passed all my milestones and ended up having to shave my hair!”


“Softgiving made it incredibly easy to set up and, honestly, pushed my fundraising game a bit further. Made it far more successful than my usual solo endeavors.”