What is Softgiving? 

  • Founded in 2016 by longtime community volunteer Matt Pfaltzgraf, Softgiving offers fundraising and marketing solutions for an array of charities and brands. 
  • We have partnered with the likes of Xbox, GFUEL, American Cancer Society, PAVE, CARE, Habitat For Humanity, Games For Love, among many others. 
  • Softgiving provides fundraising expertise and innovative tools that help charities, brands, and digital influencers execute highly engaging live streams.  

How does Softgiving work? 

  • We deliver full-service solutions that help partners of varying sizes and backgrounds navigate fundraising and marketing behind live streaming events. Our valuable insights and customizable tools enable them to engage the online and gaming communities directly.  We integrate easy-to-use donation methods into livestream platforms, identify, negotiate and secure influencers on behalf of charities or brands, manage run-of-shows, and track critical data to ensure we’re maximizing engagement with niche audiences.  
  • We help involved streamers/influencers set appropriate goals and introduce campaign elements that align with their target audience. We advise on content and creative direction, brand partnerships, gamification and shopatainment elements, and incentives/giveaways. 
  • We also provide simplified campaign management tools to track the status of campaign metrics and elevate engagement. 

 What differentiates Softgiving’s solutions from its competitors? 

  • Softgiving’s products are accessible and scalable. Our services are available for charities and brands to host their own events with no platform fees. We also provide full-service fundraising and marketing solutions to manage and execute campaigns from start to finish.  
  • Softgiving’s tools are not limited to any particular streaming platform and can be easily integrated into numerous popular services. 
  • Many of our charity and streaming partners are entering the virtual live streaming space for the first time. We help educate and manage these partners as they embrace virtual charity events. We adapt quickly based on customer and partner feedback. 

What is the difference between the EVENTS and HERO platforms?

  • EVENTS is a full-service solution for live programming. This includes marketing, logistics, and production management to help connect brands and charities with engaged demographics ranging from ages 18-34. 
  • Separately, HERO is a free-to-use online fundraising platform that can be integrated into any livestream. Softgiving does not charge any fee for the service, and also covers the cost of transaction fees.  
  • Because charities manage all elements, they receive 100% of the proceeds. HERO is accessible to all types of brands and charities, allowing for engagement with varying audiences and demographics. 

 Are your services customizable? 

  • Yes, we tailor all events and activities based on the needs and interests of our clients and partners. 
  • We’re also committed to evolving our services with new technologies and capabilities based on market needs. 

Where do donations go? How do charities receive their donations? 

  • The process is simple and entirely trackable for donors who receive a donation tracking link upon successful transaction. All donations are made directly to The Givinga Foundation, a 501(c)(3) donor-advised fund.
  • Givinga receives all donations raised and then delivers grants to benefiting charities (based on charity remittance schedule within 10-30 days).  Softgiving may or may not be listed on the grant from Givinga.
  • Softgiving does not directly handle any donations.

How do you select and screen your streamers? 

  • We look beyond follower data when identifying streaming partners. We look for strong personalities with passionate fan communities who want to take action. 
  • Streamers are reviewed based on their engagements with their community and fit the charity mission, brand voice, and demographic targets. We align charities with our personal network of streamers who have expressed interest in their respective cause.
  • All streamers agree to a pilot first before a longer-term partnership is agreed to. 

Does Softgiving compensate streamers for their participation? 

  • We work closely with our talent partners to ensure a comfortable production process and the delivery of informed and professional, quality content that aligns with charity goals and messaging. We work with these individuals for one or multiple campaigns to help establish an understanding of values and interests and continuity among certain themes. 
  • Our streamers only support initiatives that align with their personal beliefs and interests. Streamers have complete flexibility in how they choose to be compensated for an EVENT. All compensation comes from a marketing budget agreed upon by the charity prior to the EVENT taking place. 
  • Streamers can receive a fixed fee for their participation, which is agreed upon during the early phases of the contract process. Streamers can then choose whether to donate their fees, dedicate them to the charity or apply them toward bigger prizes or audience giveaways. If a streamer chooses to take advantage of a marketing budget for the EVENT, they are required to follow certain guidelines for their activation. 

What is Softgiving’s revenue model? 

  • Before any EVENT campaign is launched, Softgiving enters into an agreement with the charity and brand partners which clearly outlines the cost of services. This varies depending on the charity partner goals and services required. 
  • Our charity and brand partners help underwrite the costs behind our expert services as well as the production and marketing costs associated with each EVENTS campaign. Similarly, we receive event tips that are provided by event donors. 
  • These funds help us continue our efforts of supporting future charity partners and initiatives. Donors are given the opportunity to leave Softgiving an optional tip via our donation page. The process is clearly marked and includes language regarding how tips will be used.