Raise money for important causes with the help of your community

Creating fundraising campaigns has never been easier. Using our platform, influencers can engage their communities to drum up support for over 1.5 million charities across the country.

Charity Streaming

Keep Fundraising Weird.

We believe that fundraising should be fun, interactive, and better yet — weird. Encourage your community to give back with silly incentives, kooky donation milestones, and entertaining top donor rewards.

More fun = more funds raised! Come together to raise donations for charities doing something you love.

Approach charity streams with more confidence.

We make fundraising as convenient as possible by providing you with everything you need to maximize your potential donations and track your results:

  • 0% Platform Fee
  • Choose from over 1.5 million charities to support.
  • Pick from our built-in Incentive Menu – or create your own!
  • Easily integrate our overlays into any streaming software for any streaming platform.
  • Make donations from your favorite digital wallets.

You’ve never done a charity stream before? No problem! We offer easy guidelines for a successful campaign, tips and tricks for fundraising, and are available to help you along the way.

Size really doesn’t matter (really!)

Softgiving was founded on the belief that giving a little makes a big difference.

All streamers — regardless of size — should be running charity streams. We’ve watched firsthand as streamers with less than 20 average viewers raise anywhere from $100 to over $1,000 for the causes closest to their hearts. It’s clear that any streamer of any size can make an impact when it comes to charity streaming.

Create a campaign today and help us increase the streaming community’s impact on charitable fundraising.

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Many streamers rely on income from their content and can’t afford to do charity streams very often. You shouldn’t have to choose between paying your bills or giving back to your community, which is why we offer sponsorship opportunities. Sponsorship is available to streamers of all sizes so more charity streams can be run by more people!

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Community Impact

It’s well-known that running a charity stream is a meaningful and impactful experience — Softgiving proves it.

Activate your community to join you in doing good and watch the ripple effect of charity streams. When someone creates their own campaign through your referral link, they become part of your Softgiving Community and all of the donations raised through those campaigns get included in your Community Impact.

In your campaign dashboard, you’ll see the total amount of donations raised during your own charity streams, as well as your Community Impact.