More ways to give. More ways to make a difference.

The way people give is changing and they want options that fit with their unique lifestyle. That is exactly what Softgiving helps you support. We enhance the relationship you have with your donors by providing them with more options to give.


Of millennials prefer to give through a nonprofit’s website


Of online donors would be willing to donate the change from their debit or credit card purchases to the nonprofit of their choice


Of donations are lost every year from high online transaction fees

Ways to Give

Our goal is to make it easy for your donors to give frequently in the methods they are most comfortable. So we plug into your existing system and give your donors 3 new options to give how and when they want.

Change lets your supporters donate as they make everyday purchases.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You add the Change option to your existing donation page
  2. Supporters will sign up to ‘round-up’ their change directly on your website
  3. softgiving automatically transfers the rounded-up change directly to you

People want to make a difference, but giving in large amounts is not always fitting to their lifestyle. This option lets people leave a huge impact while they make their usual purchases.

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Payday takes a modern approach to traditional payroll deductions.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Add Payday directly on your website donation page
  2. Donors easily connect the bank account where their paycheck is deposited and give a portion of it when they get paid.
  3. Donation is automatically deducted and sent to you

This option lets you build a relationship directly with your supporters instead of relying on employers to connect you.

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Social helps your organization appeal to the next generation of donors through Social Media.
Here’s how it works:

  1. Donors signup for Social directly on your website
  2. Donors pledge an amount for every “like” and “share” they receive and can even set a limit (just in case the post goes viral)
  3. After sharing the post, donors will be automatically debited based on the engagement received

Social media is vital to spreading awareness for your cause – this add-on helps you stay relevant by providing an outlet for new generations to show their support. So, you benefit not only from vaster cause awareness but also from new donations.

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“I feel more connected to my favorite nonprofit when I can donate my change”

Toshiko Hasegawa

Byron Stokes

“The ability to give to causes I care about automatically through my paycheck makes me feel that, as I’m working towards my personal goals, I’m also working towards a better future for others.”

Byron Stokes

Matthew Gogerty

“Donating through softgiving gives me freedom from my checkbook. It allows me to donate small amounts that make an impact on organizations I care about”

Matthew Gogerty

Security you can trust

SSL Encryption

Rest easy knowing your information is secure with 256-bit encryption


Bank Level Security

Softgiving undergoes the same security methods tested against banks to ensure the highest level of protection.

End-to-End Tokenization

Donation credentials will never be shared and tokenization will be leveraged, ensuring total donor protection against fraud.

Donation in the box

We make it fast and easy to get started with softgiving through our “Donation in a Box”. This toolkit gives you FAQs, email templates to announce new options to donors and even social media examples to spread awareness.

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