Alternative Funding

A method which enables supporters to donate to an organization through passive recurring contributions that integrate seamlessly into their lifestyle.

Industry Challenges

Fundraising has its complexities and Softgiving solutions provide your nonprofit with a new channel of passive recurring donations to support your organizational mission.

  • Reliance on Large Gifts

  • High Attrition Rate

  • Seasonality of Giving

  • Aging Donor Base

Learn how our alternative fundraising solutions can help others support your mission to change the world.

Ways to Give
  • Increase Retention

  • Grow Recurring Donations

  • Diversify Donor Base

  • Cultivate Relationships

Change by Softgiving

Put a donor's spare change to work for your mission with our change donation solutions.

How it Works

Softgiving Solutions

  • Round Up Change

    Every purchase a supporter makes will automatically round up to the nearest dollar and donate the change to your organization. This tax-deductible recurring gift is seamlessly integrated into a donor's lifestyle.

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On average, donors contribute $360 annually in rounded-up change with a 90% retention rate.*

Our Partners

*Estimated annual round-up change is based on Softgiving’s average of 60 transactions per month per person with an average uncapped round-up of $.50 per transaction.