Softgiving believes that charities should spend more time on their mission than on fundraising.

Through our partnerships with donor-advised funds, content creators have access to 1.5 million charities to support. From small, local organizations to large, international nonprofits, individuals can fundraise for the causes they’re most passionate about.


Charities shouldn’t use their resources to manage a niche area of fundraising internally, which is why Softgiving exists. We’ll handle all of the heavy lifting for you.

Charities do not need to have a direct partnership with Softgiving in order for influencers to run campaigns for your organization or to receive donations. If your organization is interested in a partnership with Softgiving, contact

A partnership with Softgiving is as simple as it gets. Your organization will be prioritized in our charity selection tool and promoted to our network of influencers. A Softgiving partnership will not be a line item expense. Our relationship will purely consist of you receiving donations from Softgiving while we connect your organization to influencers who can share your cause and help you fundraise.