Why do we sponsor charity streams?

Less than 6% of Partners and Affiliates ran a charity stream in 2018. Our goal is to increase that percentage exponentially in 2020 — we’re aiming for 100%

Let’s come together and do better!

In our efforts to make charity streaming more mainstream, a common objection we’ve encountered is “streamers shouldn’t get paid to run a charity stream.”

We kindly disagree.

Below are the two major reasons why receiving compensation for running a charity stream isn’t a “bad thing,” and in fact can benefit nonprofits.

Removing Obstacles

Softgiving removes all obstacles that prohibit streamers from running successful charity streams.

We make running a charity stream as easy as possible with our:

All of ^ that ^ is what makes Softgiving a dope fundraising platform, but one question remains: what’s keeping streamers from fundraising more often?

While our team is altruistic AF and we want people to run charity streams out of the kindness of their hearts, the reality is that many streamers rely on income from their content and can’t afford to do charity streams more than once a year.

Stats infographic
More streamers need to be running more charity streams for more nonprofits.

You shouldn’t have to choose between receiving an income or giving back to your community — which is why we offer sponsorship opportunities!

Sponsorship is available to streamers of all sizes so more charity streams can be run by more people.

Contact to learn more about sponsorship and click here to create your campaign today.

Valuing your efforts

Even though Softgiving makes planning your charity stream incredibly quick and straightforward, streamers still put time and effort into running a meaningful stream.

Just as nonprofits pay employees to fundraise for their organization, streamers deserve to be compensated for their time as well.

Streamers can choose between receiving monetary and non-monetary compensation — think swag! cool prizes! fun gifts! — or donating their earnings to the nonprofit.

Softgiving helps influencers fundraise for their favorite causes in a fast, convenient, lifestyle-based way. Create a campaign today and help us #KeepFundraisingWeird!

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