Softgiving Support


  • Why do you need my routing and account number?

    To maximize the impact of your donation, we debit donations directly from your checking account to avoid the fees associated with card transactions.

  • What is a Change card?

    Change Account(s): A Change card is any credit or debit card you use for everyday purchases.  You can connect one or multiple cards to donate round up change from your everyday purchases.

  • What is a Funding Account?

    A Funding Account is the checking account from which we debit your donations. If you have multiple cards linked for Change donations, we will debit your funding account once the total change amount exceeds $5. You can only choose one Funding Account.

  • Why are donations only debited from a checking account?

    To maximize the impact of your donation, we debit donations directly from your checking account to avoid the fees associated with card transactions.

  • How can I give in another way?

    Go directly to our website and one of our ways to give.

  • How long does it take to sign up?

    Signing up is quick and easy. Simply provide your contact information, customize your donation, connect your change cards and funding account and you are done!

  • How does donating your change work?

    Connect the debit or credit card(s) you use for everyday purchases through your bank or card provider. Spend like normal, and we’ll round up your purchases to the nearest dollar. For instance, if your purchase is $3.25, it will be rounded up to $4.00. If your purchase is $5.00, it will be rounded up to $6.00. When your total change exceeds $5, we automatically debit the donation from your checking account.

    To get started, simply select the limits you wish to put in place for your monthly donations and securely connect your card(s) using your online banking credentials. Donating your change is easy, secure, and impactful.


  • How do I reconnect my account?

    Re-linking your account is easy, secure and painless. Simply enter your email address or phone number and your one-time PIN you have received. Select “Update My Login”. When your bank’s screen displays, just enter your User ID and Password as you did originally. Your financial institution will confirm that it is correct information. Once confirmed, you are all set. Your roundup change will begin to accumulate again as it did before.

  • Why did my account disconnect?

    Over time, our donors may need to refresh authentication information through their banking institution. This will enable us to calculate the roundup change amount. A disconnect could happen if you have changed your username or password, if Multifactor Authentication (MFA) requirements have changed, or if your financial institution requires additional security measures.

  • What if I can’t find my bank or card provider?

    Double check the spelling of the bank name or card provider.  Abbreviating the name may cause issues, so be sure you are entering the current and correct name.

    We support nearly 10,000 financial institutions with new ones added all the time.  

  • What if I don’t know my online banking credentials?

    We do not know or store your online banking credentials. Please visit your bank or card provider’s website.

  • Why are my login credentials being rejected?

    To verify that there are no sign-in issues on your bank’s end, please log directly into your bank’s website from a desktop or laptop computer.

  • Why can’t my credit card fund my donation?

    Debiting donations directly from your checking account limits any additional processing fees. This allows our organization to receive the entire donation.


  • How do I cancel my donation?

    Send an email to with the subject line being “Cancel Change.” Please be sure to include your first and last name, along with a phone number you can be reached at.

  • Can I change my donation limits later?

    You sure can.  Please email with the new monthly limit you would like to have.

  • Can I set a limit on my donations?

    Yes.  You can set a monthly maximum as low as ($10) per month.  This limit allows you to cap your change donations every month. Donating your change is easy, secure, and impactful.

Privacy & Communications

  • What types of communications will I receive?

    We will periodically send you updates on the impact of your donations and inform you of other ways you can show your support. You can opt-out of this at any time.

  • How do you protect my privacy?

    Protecting your privacy is our top priority.  We cannot see your login credentials, and our technology provider is regulated just like a bank. Secured by Amazon Web Services, your contact information is never sold or shared with any outside party.