Partnership alert: Noble esports

We look forward to being able to create new and exciting opportunities to raise money for a variety of great causes while simultaneously showcasing the amazing members of our stream team.”

— Noble CEO, Jeremy McLamb

Noble esports and Softgiving partnership
Noble partners with Softgiving for team-wide charity streams and fundraisers

Noble is a North American esports and media organization that competes in Apex Legends, Overwatch, Mortal Kombat, Super Smash Bros, and Brawlhalla.

Founded in 2014, Noble was built on the ideology that through proper guidance anyone can be a better version of themselves.

The team has previously raised over $20,000 for charitable organizations such as GameChanger.

Softgiving will make Noble’s fundraising efforts easier, funner (we know, it’s not really a word, but you get it), and even more impactful.

What our partnership looks like:

Using the Softgiving platform, Noble members will run individual charity streams each month and the whole team will turn their competitive tournaments into fundraising campaigns as well.

The Softgiving team is looking forward to working with Noble to optimize these opportunities and make all of their fundraising events fun and rewarding.

After careful research and consideration of our shared philosophies, as of today Noble will begin its partnership with Softgiving,” said Jeremy “Lambzy” McLamb, Noble’s CEO. “We are eager to begin our work with the Softgiving team and plan to announce our first partnered charity event in the upcoming days.”

We’re excited to partner with Noble as their fundraising platform of choice,” said Matt Konigsmark, VP Marketing & Business Development at Softgiving. “We look forward to working with Noble and its community to raise funds for worthy causes.”

We’re the spandex-clad A.C. Slater in this scenario^^

Softgiving helps influencers fundraise for their favorite causes in a fast, convenient, lifestyle-based way. Create a campaign today and help us #KeepFundraisingWeird!

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