Raise money for important causes with the help of your community

Creating fundraising campaigns has never been easier. Using our platform, campaigners can engage their communities to drum up support for over 70,000 nonprofits across the county.

How it Works

In just a few clicks, individuals can easily design campaigns to share with their friends, families, and communities. We provide tools for successful fundraising that allow you to share your campaign across all social platforms. Whether it's a post on Facebook, an Instagram story, or a charity stream, get creative with sharing your campaign with the world.


Fundraising with Softgiving creates a fun, interactive experience, while also offering simple solutions for donors to contribute in a way that fits their lifestyle. Single donations can be made conveniently and securely using digital wallets like Venmo, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay or credit/debit.

Softgiving is a PayPal Giving Fund partner, so our donors receive a receipt and can track their donation. Donors will know exactly when their donation reaches the nonprofit.

Case Study

“I think this is the coolest thing the community has done in all the years I’ve been streaming. This is just absolutely awesome and I can’t overstate that enough.”
- JasonParadise, Twitch streamer

“It was so easy! It literally took me 5 seconds to make my donation.”
- Bailey, donor via Venmo

“I was impressed with how easy it was to set up my donation page, and how easy it was to track my donation progress. My viewers had no issues using the site and were impressed with how convenient it was to navigate my donation page. The end result was hitting our donation goal of $1000 for the nonprofit WellSpring Living. I look forward to using Softgiving again for my next charity stream!"
- GoTeamAJ, Twitch streamer