Best Practices for a successful charity stream

Many streamers — especially those who have never done a charity stream before — get nervous leading up to their fundraising event.

To make streamers feel more confident, the Softgiving Team has compiled all of our tips and tricks for a kick-ass, super successful, totally dope, goal-shattering charity stream.

Keep scrolling to learn everything you need to know about:

  • Incentives
  • Campaign promotion
  • How & where to share your donation URL
  • Call to Action
  • Overlay and panel setup
  • Additional resources


Our motto at Softgiving HQ is “the weirder, the better.”

Okay, maybe it’s not our motto per se, but we like to #KeepFundraisingWeird.

You know your community best, so choose milestone incentives that will motivate them to donate!

We’ve created an Incentive Menuᵀᴹ with a simple click-to-add capability, to make planning for your charity stream as easy as possible.

Your viewers will literally pay (in donations) to see you dance like no one is watching, eat a whole lemon, or even shave your beard — as long as your remember to #KeepFundraisingWeird.


Get your community excited about your upcoming charity stream!

Tell your friends, family, and followers all of the must-know deets:

  • Date & time (Will it be around your birthday? A holiday? A meaningful anniversary? Let them know!)
  • The nonprofit you’re supporting (The name of the organization, its mission, and any personal connection you have to the cause as well.)
  • Hint at your incentives (Share some of your fun milestone incentives — or ask for their opinions on what your incentives should be.)
  • BE EXCITED (The easiest way to generate interest and excitement for your charity stream is by showing them how excited you are for it!)
Some examples of promotional tweets

Write a Tweet, post on Facebook, add a pic on Instagram, send handwritten scrolls via carrier pigeon… Whatever medium you choose, just make sure to inform your community of your upcoming charity stream.

Share your URL

As soon as you finish creating your campaign, you’ll receive the URL to your donation page.

Where to share your URL:

  1. Create a command through your chatbot and include it in your stream title so viewers can easily access the link in chat as they join your charity stream.
  2. Schedule a timed message through your chatbot that shares your donation URL once every 30 minutes.
  3. Have old-fashioned relatives or clueless friends who don’t have Twitch accounts, but still want to help you give back? Send them the link via Facebook, email, or text to make sure they have the opportunity to make a donation to your chosen nonprofit.

Talk about it

It’s simple: people won’t donate if you don’t ask them to donate.

  • Talk about the nonprofit
  • Discuss any personal connection you have to the cause
  • Show your viewers how to donate
  • Explain your milestone incentives
  • Remember to thank those that do!

To make it less confusing for your viewers, don’t promote personal donations during your charity stream. Ask viewers who want to share some of their savings directly with you to make a donation to your chosen nonprofit instead 🙂

Use overlays and panel

Copy the overlay URLs and add them as a browser source through your streaming software.

Stats overlay: shows your overall goal, the amount raised, and the “Top Donor” (the viewer who has given the largest donation).

Incentives overlay: make sure your viewers can easily see your fun incentives by including this overlay in your stream.

Donation alerts overlay*: this helps you keep track of donations and lets donors join in the fun. Donors can customize their donations by adding a GIF and message that will appear in the on-screen alert!

*You can adjust the volume of the alert overlay by increasing/decreasing the volume of your computer.

Panel: Link your donation page URL to the panel and add it to the top of your profile so viewers can easily find the page to make a donation.

Additional resources

Have a question that wasn’t answered here? Need a pep talk? Just want to chat?

Check out our help center and feel free to send us an email at or shoot us a message on Discord.

Happy Giving!