Softgiving Receives 2021 Top Innovator Award

Atlanta Innovation Forum recognizes the platform for identifying a new community of customers and donors through live stream events.

 Earlier this month, the Atlanta Innovation Forum recognized Softgiving as one of 2021’s top regional innovators. The annual Atlanta Innovation Forum Top Innovator Program recognizes the Southeast’s most innovative and diverse companies. Awards are based on companies’ ability to identify and solve pressing industry issues.

Softgiving was one of five companies selected for the program. The Georgia-based company successfully collaborates closely with charities, brands  and streaming talent to develop and manage live streams that raise awareness, drive conversion and help generate new customer lists. 

 Softgiving supports brands and charities with unique ways of tapping into their target audience, largely 18-34 year olds. This community is authentic and loyal to its favorite creators, which in turn produces high conversion rates (viewership and buy-in) during longform content events.  Softgiving responds to the increasing demand for fundraising streams and aligns charitable needs with streamers’ philanthropic passions. 

 “Every stream deserves a unique strategy, so our expertise in crafting tailor-made activations enables us to create the optimal strategy for each of our partners,” said Matt Pfaltzgraf, Founder and CEO of Softgiving. “We’re proud to help these brands, organizations and streamers raise awareness, educate and inspire support through uniquely engaging and impactful streams that reach their audiences where they spend their time.”

 “The core of our mission is to connect, inspire and showcase our community through innovation.” said Liz Simpson, President, Atlanta Innovation Forum. “The Top Innovator Program is our way of honoring the innovators that are making a difference, solving real problems, and disrupting the status quo.”

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