About Softgiving

Softgiving exists to enhance the relationship between non-profits and their donors by revolutionizing the way people can give.

We worked with many non-profits and honestly, we were frustrated with the lack of options and the high transaction fees that detracted from their cause. There had to be a better way for people to give and for non-profits to grow. So, softgiving was built to make giving a regular part of everyday life. Alone we cannot do much, but together we can do a lot with a little.

Leadership Team

Founder & CEO

Matt Pfaltzgraf

Matt loves solving big problems with creative solutions, which is why he founded SoftgivingTM.  Before he started Softgiving,  Matt was the Regional Payment Association Director at SHAZAM®, where he handled critical issues covering rules and regulations, payment security, and emerging financial technologies.

During this time he also served in various fundraising capacities for nonprofits, where he saw firsthand the difficulties of raising money for important causes.  Armed with his background in payments and an indefatigable enthusiasm for helping cause-based organizations, Matt saw a gap in the marketplace.  No company was offering innovative, alternative fundraising solutions. So he decided to build one and Softgiving was born.

VP of Marketing & Communications

Cassandra Sherrill

Cassandra is a marketing guru with experience in the FinTech, Nonprofit and SaaS world. She is unique in her thought-leadership and out-of-the-box approach. While specializing in B2B marketing, she lives to create, to influence and to change the status quo.

VP of Engineering

Jonathan Wallace

Jonathan believes in writing great software and has spent nearly 20 years doing just that for companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 50 businesses.  Before joining the Softgiving team, Jonathan was a Principal Software Engineer at Stitch Fix, Director of Engineering at Peachtree Medical Billing, and Backend Software Manager at Big Nerd Ranch.  His desire to give back extends beyond software engineering, as Jonathan also represents House District 119 in the Georgia State Legislature, which he is currently serving his first term.

VP of Product & Operations

Gil Grey

Gil is the consummate payment technology and regulatory expert with over 30 years of experience in building financial technology (FinTech). Before joining the Softgiving team, his previous positions included Vice President of Financial Services at Oglethorpe Management Group®, Senior Manager of Risk Management and Business Operations at Jack Henry and Associates®, and Senior Vice President of Product Management at Goldleaf Financial Solutions.  Gil isn’t your average payments technology guru; following his time as Associate Regional Director at the FDIC/RTC, Gil was part of the team flown in to war-torn Bosnia to rebuild their banking system.

VP of Business Development

Chip Harden

Chip is a dedicated payments professional and leader in the rapidly evolving FinTech industry.  Chip comes to Softgiving from Bank of America Merchant Services® and served in both prepaid and acquiring roles at First Data®.  Chip holds a Certified Payments Professional accreditation through the Electronic Transactions Association® and sits on the Technology Association of Georgia’s FinTech steering committee board. Chip leverages his deep payments industry knowledge to help our nonprofit clients diversify their fundraising revenues as they enter the next phase of online giving.

VP of Creative Services & Design

Jenny Mountjoy

Jenny has a passion for creating experiences that are simple to use, easy to understand, and aesthetically pleasing.  Prior to Softgiving, Jenny was a Digital Designer at Carter’s®/OshKosh® where she designed a wide range of digital campaigns.  Her attention to detail and unique style ensures nonprofits and their donors enjoy a delightful experience using Softgiving’s solutions.

Senior Software Engineer

JB Maddox

JB has worked in software development for over twenty years at such companies as SAS Institute, rPath and lulu.com.  He’s excited to work for an organization whose core mission is to enable organizations to make the world a better place.  JB loves a good story, learning new skills and solving uncooperative problems.
Faith Based Business Development

Mark Goodman

Mark leads faith-based initiatives at Softgiving with his passion to serve others in ministry and his love of technology. Mark is the founder of a faith-based nonprofit based on forgiveness, 70x7.org. His background includes being CTO of a publicly-traded telecom and Director of Operations for an international healthcare tech company. Mark is an author, public speaker, magician, master chef and was inducted at the Pro Football Hall of Fame as one of the top fans of the game. His loves include his wife, five girls, and spending time volunteering at multiple charities.

Business Development Associate

James Barnes

James comes to Softgiving from the telecommunications industry where he worked as an account executive helping companies maintain and grow their business. He is passionate about helping nonprofits grow and do more good in the world.  As a Georgia native, James has been involved with numerous nonprofit organizations across the entire state. His favorite thing about giving back to these organizations is seeing the difference they are making in their community.

Board Director & Strategic Planning Advisor

Cammie Greif

Cammie brings a wealth of experience from the startup world across marketing, operations, and accounting.  As a cofounder of TaxAct®, she was instrumental in growing the company from inception to the second-largest online tax software provider in the world.  Cammie joined Softgiving as a result of her passion for nonprofits and mentoring innovative startups. She was paramount in connecting disparate ideas to form a cohesive vision in the company’s infancy.

Board Director & Payment Technology Advisor

David Peterson

David is a FinTech pioneer and entrepreneur.  David founded Goldleaf Technologies®, a leading provider of innovative electronic payments software for community banks.  David is now president of U.S. DataWorks®, which serves over 1,400 financial institutions and processes one billion transactions annually. David’s vision and expertise provided the critical backbone for Softgiving’s donation processing platform.

Board Director & Partnerships Advisor

Tim Crow

Tim has had an illustrious career in the retail sector, most recently as Executive Vice President of HR at The Home Depot®.  Throughout Tim’s career, he has aligned himself with purpose-driven organizations committed to improving their communities, including serving on the board of Make a Wish® Georgia.  Upon retiring from The Home Depot, Tim sought out new opportunities to make an enduring impact on causes that are important to him.  Softgiving was a natural fit.

Matt’s Story

Growing up, Matt was raised by an amazing single mother who supported him and his brother, while working full-time as an Executive Assistant and going to school for her Associates degree at a local community college. She persevered, despite receiving inconsistent child support payments, which meant that money was always tight. And they had to rely on the help of others to get by. Friends and family would help when they could, but it was the good work of nonprofits in their community that kept their family strong.

Nonprofit organizations like the Boys and Girls Club and the YMCA ensured his brother and Matt had an affordable and quality place to go before and after school, and on summer breaks. They made life-long friends and learned critical life skills that have served them well ever since. Matt’s family from time to time would get new bikes, furniture and clothes (including the tie Matt wore to his first job interview) from nonprofits like Goodwill Industries and The Salvation Army. Their first family dog, Brownie, that they received when Matt was 9, was from their local Animal Rescue League.

As his brother and Matt grew older, their father struggled with depression and drug addiction, which eventually led to him losing his life at a young age. Giving back and volunteering for the local food pantry, fundraising for United Way, helping at the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life and many others helped his family heal from their loss. Being on the giving side of nonprofits changed Matt’s life, and it was the feeling of helping others that drew him in further.

Matt eventually started serving on local nonprofit boards and learned firsthand the issues that all nonprofits struggle with, which was raising money for the services they provide. Matt often thought his age may have been a disadvantage. Matt didn’t have a lot of money to give to the nonprofits he served, but quickly realized his age gave him a different perspective. Being a younger board member Matt realized that current fundraising methods didn’t speak to his generation (millennials). Matt was instructed to reach
out to his friends and do the ‘hard ask.’ Matt would start by asking for a high amount and working down to an amount they would agree to write a check for. The first problem was that his generation lives paycheck to paycheck and lives in the subscription based economy where their comfort zone is to pay a small amount for things on a recurring basis. The second issue was that his generation doesn’t write checks, and most don’t even know where their checkbook is located.

Matt’s career took him into the payment processing industry where as a Director of a Payment Association Matt was a part of national committees that oversaw the rules, regulations, and technology of a payment network. But Matt continued to think about how he could really help nonprofits that had made such a difference in his life. After a few years Matt missed the nonprofit world and still felt a desire to give back to the organizations that helped his family when he was young. So Matt left his job and pulled
together experts in nonprofits and payment processing, and began to work on the problem of how to get millennials to give more to nonprofits. Out of countless meetings and brainstorming sessions, Softgiving was born. Softgiving was created out of the realization that millennials care just as much and are just as generous as their parents, but existing donation tools do not reflect their lifestyles. Softgiving gives donors, for the first time, the flexibility to give in ways that fit their lifestyles. And for the first time, nonprofits have the ability to offer innovative donation solutions from their website directly to their supporters.

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