Innovative Donation Solutions

Softgiving is the technology platform for non-profits to lower the cost of giving, provide new means of donation revenue, and connect with today’s donors allowing them to give in ways they find most convenient.


How It Works

Softgiving gives non-profit organizations a powerful tool-set to better connect with today’s donors.  With unique payment options and power data analytics, we help to increase giving from your existing database and facilitate new interactions with donor prospects.


Change Giving

Your donors can give every time they make a purchase on virtually any debit or credit card. Each transaction amount is rounded up to the nearest dollar, then that amount is aggregated and donated to your non-profit.

Social Giving

Let social media raise money for you! Users attach a donation amount to every share, like, or hashtag they push out for your organization. Plus you get increased viral awareness and access to new giving audiences.

Payday Giving

Allow donors to setup automatic deductions every pay period no matter where they work. Donations aren’t tied to a persons employer, so you don’t loose the donor if they move jobs.

Set Your Goals

Raise more money, more efficiently, at a lower cost.  Softgiving gives non-profit organizations the tools to increase giving and reach your fundraising goals.